A New Honour for Jujitsuffragette Edith Garrud

  • Originally published on the Bartitsu.org site on Saturday, 27th April 2013
Portrait bench

Jazzie B joined by, from left, Andrew Turton, Islington Council leader Catherine West and Martin Williams.

Jujitsuffragette trainer Edith Garrud, music producer Jazzie B and health pioneer Florence Keen have been commemorated with a “portrait bench” sculpture outside London’s Finsbury Park bus and tube station.

The portrait bench is a feature of  a new walking and cycling route established by the Islington Council.  The cycle route links Highbury Fields, Gillespie Park and Finsbury Park together.

Edith Garrud was renowned for teaching ju jitsu to suffragettes to help them in their battles against the police.

All three subjects were chosen by public vote. The family of Edith Garrud were also on hand to unveil their relative’s statue. Her great-nephew Martin Williams said: “She was a suffragette and was able to teach suffragettes how to defend themselves.

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