A Photo Gallery from Day 1 of BartitsuCon 2018

  • Originally published on the Bartitsu.org site on Friday, 23rd November 2018
The fouette median.
Pad work.
Instructor Tommy Joe Moore demonstrates a right hand punch.
“We have guards which are not at all like the guards taught in schools, and which will make the assailant hurt his own hand and arm very seriously.” – E.W. Barton-Wright
“With a little practice it becomes easy to make sure of hooking a man firmly by the neck (…) – E.W. Barton-Wright
The Vigny cane “bayonet grip” opposed to a dagger-wielding opponent.
Close-quarters work with the cane.
A painful “suffrajitsu” wrist and elbow lock applied by instructor Jennifer Garside.
Instructor Peter Smallridge demonstrates the fine points of jiujitsu newaza (ground grappling).
A little combat yoga, a.k.a. jiujitsu mat work.
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