“A Striking Exhibition” (Grantham Journal, Nov. 1, 1902)

  • Originally published on the Bartitsu.org site on Sunday, 29th September 2013

On Tuesday night, in London, Professor Vigny gave a striking exhibition the possibilities of self-defence afforded by simple walking-stick. Holding his malacca cane by one hand at each end, the Professor calmly awaited the onslaught of a skilled opponent armed with a similar stick. The spectators never knew which hand was to deal the blow, the released end moving with lightning speed.

Then came an exhibition of stick swinging by which every part the body was protected on all sides. With perpetual loud hum the cane made circles, front and behind, that no one could reach within the guard without instantly receiving blew that would splinter any bone to pieces.

And then, with the amateur heavy-weight champion, he showed his skill in boxing, and the French system of boxing with both hands and feet, “la savate.”

With a sprinkling of people about who had learned Vigny’s system, remarks our correspondent, the Hooligan would find his occupation gone.

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