Bartitsu Instructor James Marwood Interviewed in “American Express Essentials”

  • Originally published on the site on Thursday, 7th March 2019
James Marwood demonstrates a restraint technique against fellow instructor George Stokoe during the filming of the BBC Timeshift documentary “Everybody was Kung-fu Fighting: The Rise of the Martial Arts in Great Britain”

Click here to read journalist Jessica Keller’s recent interview with Bartitsu instructor James Marwood for American Express Essentials Magazine:

Q – What are a Bartitsu practitioner’s most trusty weapons or resources?

A – Intelligence, thoughtfulness and politeness. Being a good person, with good manners and an open approach to people will take you a lot further in life than anything else. If that fails, then you have the tools to deal with most problems, but ideally you’ll never need them outside of the training hall.

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