Boxing as Street Defence Cartoons (La Petit Journal, 12 September, 1925)

  • Originally published on the site on Tuesday, 26th September 2017

A gallery of cartoons from “L’Art de se Defendre dans la Rue si l’on est Attaque par les Apaches”, an article written by French bantamweight boxing champion Charles Ledoux.  The gist of M. Ledoux’s argument was that the sport of boxing, if practiced diligently and with serious intent, was adequate for most exigencies of street self-defence.

Left: The defender’s cane knocks the Apache’s navaja knife from his hand, while the defender lays in a right hook. Right: “Stand, if you can, with your back to the wall.”
Left: Never underestimate the value of a solid left to the nose … Right: … nor to the body, though a helping of luck also goes a long way.

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