Captain Laing’s “1st Practice” of Bartitsu Stick Fighting (#2)

  • Originally published on the site on Thursday, 3rd August 2017

The second basic drill from Captain F.C. Laing’s 1902 article The “Bartitsu” Method of Self-Defence, illustrated with photographs adapted from E.W. Barton-Wright’s Self-Defence with a Walking Stick (1901). Click here for the first drill of Laing’s “1st Practice” series.

“On guard”: Vigny (right) assumes a front guard versus Barton-Wright’s lowered front guard.
“Hit face”: Vigny strikes to the left side of Barton-Wright’s face, drawing Barton-Wright’s guard.
“Guard face”: Barton-Wright ripostes with a strike to the left side of Vigny’s face, drawing Vigny’s guard.
“Riposte head”: Vigny counters with a strike to the top of Barton-Wright’s head.
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