Defense dans la Rue Vol. 2: Fundamental Striking Skills

  • Originally published on the site on Wednesday, 26th August 2015

The second volume of Craig Gemeiner’s Defense dans la Rue (“street self-defence”) instructional DVD series is now available:

During the later decades of the 19th century Parisian citizens experienced the brutality of the French Apache gangs, the call for an effective means of dealing with it intensified. Out of necessity a new system of personal combat began to develop. It came to be known as Defense dans la Rue.

This new DVD production features the striking skills from old school Defense dans la Rue as influenced by classical English boxing & French Savate.

Savate instructor Craig Gemeiner provides a detailed breakdown of the various stand-up striking techniques of this combat system, integrating it with specialized pad work, conditioning exercises and pressure drills making it ideal for the modern self-defence practitioner.

You won’t learn any fancy high kicks or low percentage techniques, only those skills that have been time tested in the streets, milling grounds and salles during the past 200 years have been included.

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