Jujitsu Overcoats (Ashbourne News Telegraph, 8 November 1907)

The subject of the following short article was probably inspired by Sgt. George Wheeldon’s self defence and restraint classes for the London police.

New loose-fitting Army overcoats are about to be handed out to the officers of the London police in place of the tight-fitting coats at present worn. The new coat is much lighter than the old. It is believed that the new cloth will be much warmer and more waterproof than the old, and what is more important will prevent the officer being handicapped by tight-fitting clothes in the event of a struggle with a desperate prisoner.

Ju-jitsu, the Japanese mode of wrestling, which is being taught to the police, is mainly responsible for the change, at having been found that, no matter how efficient the officer became, be was virtually helpless when encased in his present tight-fitting clothes.

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