“The Gentleman’s Martial Art: Bartitsu at the Idler Academy”

  • Originally published on the Bartitsu.org site on Thursday, 7th November 2013

Click here to read Santiago Genochio’s report on his Bartitsu class with James Garvey at London’s Idler Academy:

In contrast to many dojos and gyms, there wasn’t a trace of the testosterone-fuelled machismo often associated with martial arts – in fact, the class was punctuated with bursts of friendly laughter thanks to James’ wonderfully approachable teaching style. Students were encouraged to try techniques on opponents of different heights and sizes, to understand how the techniques can be effective against a variety of opponents.

The Idler Academy’s Bartitsu class comes highly recommended – whether you fancy something a bit different to do on a weekday evening, or as an experienced martial artist you’re interested in the cross-training potential of a martial art with such a mixed background. And if you happen to be a bit of an aficionado of Victoriana, rest assured: this is a martial arts class you can attend in a waistcoat and pocket watch!

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