Bartitsu Quiz

  • Originally published on the site on Saturday, 22nd September 2018

Test your general Bartitsu knowledge with these ten questions (answers given below):

1: In his lecture for the Japan Society of London, E.W. Barton-Wright defined Bartitsu as

A) “the new art of self defence”

B) “self defence in every form”

C) “the manly art of self defence”

D) “self defence for ladies and gentlemen”

2 – What name did Sadakazu Uyenishi assume when competing in music hall wrestling challenges (clue – it’s the same name he used when writing The Text-Book of Jujitsu)

A) Kazu

B) Ishi

C) Raku

D) Sada

3 – Pierre Vigny’s wife was known professionally as “Miss Sanderson”.  What was her real first name?

A) Marie

B) Mirabelle

C) Madaleine

D) Marguerite

4 – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle had Sherlock Holmes describe “baritsu” as

A) “the Japanese system of wrestling”

B) “a secret style of Japanese wrestling”

C) “the art of Japanese wrestling”

D) “the Japanese style of wrestling”

5 – To avoid an attack while simultaneously counter-attacking is described by Barton-Wright as a

A) “Guard by Resistance”

B) “Guard by Distance”

C) “Guard by Evasion”

D) “Guard by Deception”

6) Against which of the following tools-as-weapons did Barton-Wright not claim to have had to defend himself during his travels overseas:

A) Crowbars

B) Sledgehammers

C) Scythes

D) Spades

7 – Which style of jiujitsu did E.W. Barton-Wright study while living in Kobe, Japan?

A) Asayama Ichiden-ryū

B) Kashima Shin-ryū

C) Shindō Yōshin-ryū

D) Shinden Fudo-ryū

8 – In which year did Barton-Wright return to England from Japan?

A) 1897

B) 1898

C) 1899

D) 1900

9 – During Yukio Tani’s career as a music hall challenge wrestler, he was nicknamed:

A) The Pocket Hercules

B) The Little Samson

C) The Small Apollo

D) The Compact Ajax

10 – Which one of the following nicknames was not given to Emmeline Pankhurst’s jiujitsu-trained security staff?

A) The Jiujitsuffragettes

B) The Amazons

C) The Suffrajitsus

D) The Bodyguard


1 – B

2 – C

3 – D

4 – A

5 – B

6 – B

7 – D

8 – B

9 – A

10 – C

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