E.W. Barton-Wright’s Workplace in Kobe, Japan

Edward Barton-Wright’s jujutsu training took place at the Shinden Fudo Ryu dojo of sensei Terajima Kuniichiro between roughly 1895-1898. That dojo was located in the town of Kobe in Hyōgo Prefecture, on Honshu Island. Barton-Wright later noted that he’d taken up jujutsu due partly to his life-long interest in the arts of self-defence and partly because, unlike most other foreign nationals resident in Kobe, he wasn’t a drinker and preferred not to spend his evenings lounging on verandas.

His main occupation there, however, was working as an antimony smelting specialist for E.H. Hunter and Company, whose factory is illustrated above. It’s likely that Barton-Wright had developed his expertise in this dangerous metallurgical specialty while working for various mining concerns throughout Europe and the “Straits Settlements” (in the present day region of Singapore).

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