Early 20th Century French Self Defence Manuals Translated by M.P. Lynch

A heads-up that a number of rare French antagonistics manuals, most dating from the period immediately following the brief Bartitsu Club era, are now available in English translation via Amazon, courtesy of M.P. Lynch. All the translations are available for under US$3.00 each and are available free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

The titles include:

HOOKS, TRIPS, THROWS, & TAKEDOWNS: Standup Grappling: The Cherpillod Method – note that this 1905 manual on stand-up wrestling was written by former Bartitsu Club wrestling and physical culture instructor Armand Cherpillod.

YE OLDE RUFF & TUMBLE: Romein De Hooge – a translation of de Hooge’s Klare Onderrichtinge der Voortreffelijke Worstel-Konst (“Clear Education in the Magnificent Art of Wrestling”) from 1674. The “magnificent art” in this case has less to do with gentlemanly grappling and more to do with winning an Amsterdam bar brawl if you happen to be unarmed when things kick off.


The Secrets of Jiu Jitsu – written by Ernest Regnier, a.k.a. “Re-Nie”, who had trained with Bartitsu Club instructors and went on to pioneer jujutsu in France.

HOW TO DEFEND YOURSELF: CANE – FISTS – DIRTY TRICKS – by Georges Dubois, the well-known Parisian athlete and artist who had lost a savate vs. jujutsu encounter with “Re-Nie” but carried on the produce this excellent manual on street self defence.

WRESTLE: The Joseph Clère Method

BOXING & BATON, CANE & CHAUSSON: The Julien Delauney Method

THE ART OF SELF DEFENSE IN THE STREET: Savate – Boxing – Grappling – Cane – Knife

100 Ways to Defend Yourself in the Street: With Weapons from canes to knives and knuckle dusters

Emile André’s : The Basics of La Canne & Batôn

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