“For Women Who Walk Alone: How to Tackle the Hooligan” (1905)

  • Originally published on the Bartitsu.org site on Thursday, 21st February 2019

Subtitled “Ju-Jitsu for Ladies”, this photo feature was originally published the Sketch newspaper of April 12, 1905.  A note reveals that photos 1, 3, 5, 6 and 7 were taken specifically for this article at the Japanese School of Ju-Jitsu, which was operated by former Bartitsu Club instructor Yukio Tani and his colleague Taro Miyake; the remaining photos are credited to “Park”.  Miss Phoebe Roberts is the demonstrator in most of the these pictures.

1. Should her assailant seek to take hold of her jacket, the lady catches him by the right hand, and by twisting it and pressing the elbow, which causes exquisite pain, easily throws him to the ground. His arm is then in such a position that it can be locked without much trouble.

2. The assailant can be rendered unconscious by this neck-hold after he has been thrown.

3. To effect this side-throw, the lady places her right foot in front of that of her assailant, pulls him sharply round, and throws him with the aid of his own strength.

4. The lady can also deal with any ruffian who may attack her by means of this hand-lock, which if fought against would lead to broken fingers.

5. The stomach-throw here shown is a favourite with the exponents of Ju-Jitsu, and is especially useful against a big opponent. The lady places her foot against her assailant’s stomach, and then drops quickly to the ground, with the result that the man’s weight causes him to be thrown over her head.

6. Having thrown her opponent flat upon the ground, the lady places one foot upon the back of his knee, catches hold of his collar with her left hand and of his toes with her right, and at the same time puts her left knee against his back. The foot is then pressed back towards the body, the pain caused rendering the victim helpless.

7. After she has thrown her assailant, the lady places her left foot on his chest, and then, catching hold of him by the left wrist and pressing her left knee forward, is soon in a position to dislocate his arm should need be.

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