More Video of Sparring in the Style of 19th Century Pugilism

  • Originally published on the site on Friday, 23rd November 2018

Instructor Christoph Reinberger (in the knee breeches) and a student demonstrate 19th century pugilistic sparring.  Notably different from modern boxing, “classic pugilism” may include:

  • the milling guard – a dynamic guard involving rotating the fists in vertical circles
  • lunging left lead punches rather than short left jabs
  • spinning “pivot punches”
  • choppers (hammerfist/backfist punches)
  • standing grappling and throwing from the clinch position

The so-called “secret style of boxing” developed by Edward Barton-Wright and Pierre Vigny was never explicitly detailed in Barton-Wright’s writing on Bartitsu.  However, it likely resembled the generic 19th century style with the confirmed addition of parries designed to injure the opponent’s attacking limbs, and with the confirmed tactical aim of entering to close quarters and finishing the fight with jiujitsu.

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