The King’s Man Movie Offers More Cane and Umbrella Fight Action

After an enjoyable original outing and a disappointing sequel, the Kingsman movie series shifts temporal gears to offer a prequel set during the early 20th century. The King’s Man trailer below confirms that Bartitsu aficionados can look forward to some more deft cane and umbrella play, alongside that of the sword and the bayonet:

Fun fact: actor Ralph Fiennes has some prior experience playing a debonair secret agent with a penchant for deadly brollies, having also portrayed John Steed in the otherwise ill-fated Avengers movie (1998). Here’s a short and sweet training scene from that film, with fights choreographed by the late, great William Hobbs:

Originally scheduled for release in February of 2020, The King’s Man has been pushed back due to the COVID-19 crisis. Fingers crossed that this movie will represent a return to form for the franchise.

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