The New Art of Self Defence (St James’s Gazette – Tuesday, 18 April, 1899)

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On Monday, the 24th of April, at 9.15 p.m., Mr. E. W. Barton-Wright will give a demonstration of his system of Bartitsu, which has aheady been shortly described in these columns. Ladies will be welcomed, and, as no tickets will sold at the doors, all who desire to learn something of this most interesting and valuable system should apply at once for tickets (reserved seats are ten shillings each) to Mr. Barton-Wright, 51, Earl’s-court-square, S.W.

After giving a lecture on the various styles of close play and loose play, and the many ways in which unfair or intoxicated opponent (whether armed or not) can quickly disposed of, Mr. Barton-Wright will close his exhibition by giving a free bout with Mr. Chipchase, the middle-weight amateur champion of the Cumberland and Westmoreland style of wrestling.

The chief value of the system both to ladies and gentlemen is that it combines and concentrates the teaching of European sword-play and boxing with the secrets of Japanese wrestling in such a way that no one who knows a few of the best “tricks” need be afraid of the roughest crowd, or the most unpleasant companionship, from which even in these days of exaggeratedly careful civilization it is sometimes difficult to know how escape with any dignity.

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