Unarmed Bartitsu With Alex Kiermayer

  • Originally published on the Bartitsu.org site on Monday, 18th December 2017

A gallery of images from a recent unarmed Bartitsu seminar with instructor Alex Kiermayer for the inaugural Noble Science event in Ronneburg, Germany. This event brought together instructors in various unarmed martial arts and combat sports including Pankration, Scottish backhold wrestling, pugilism, savate Genovese and traditional German wrestling as well as Mr. Kiermayer’s classes on the kicking and grappling aspects of Bartitsu.

Alex Kiermayer demonstrates the chasse median (mid-level side kick).
Another rendition of the chasse.
Students practice low kicks and evasions.
Escaping a kick to the lead leg.
Targetting the opponent’s leading leg.
Escaping the chasse bas (low side kick).
Mr. Kiermayer teaches the finer points of ne-waza (mat grappling).
The kesa-gatame (side control hold).
The infamous ude garami (key lock) applied as a submission hold.
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